Lincoln Middle School

Welcome to the 8th Grade students from Lincoln Middle School visiting the site. You’ll find all sorts of information here, and some of it may actually be interesting to you. I look forward to meeting you in a few weeks after you’ve started reading the book. My thanks go to Ms. Stivers and Mr. Greenfield for putting this group together.

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My boys and the other wonderfully talented All Star Honor Band musicians practiced for 14 hours over a couple of days, then performed a one hour concert for a giant audience. Every year I see this kind of thing, I am amazed. That the kids are so talented, that they can step up and deliver gorgeous music in such a short period of time, and that they can tie their own ties.
We returned home with no weather problems at all, making splendid time through the Grapevine. In fact, the only terrible weather we had (and that anyone had) was that Friday night rain that we endured trying to circumvent the forecasted snow for Saturday afternoon in the mountains.  Naturally, none of the other parents had any difficulty getting there.  Deep sigh.

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Snow in the Grapevine

Heading to Fresno early, because snow is forecast for the Grapevine during the very hours we were planning to drive on through there tomorrow. So it looks like we’ll go tonight and spend the night in Bakersfield. Once we’re on the other side, we can head up to Fresno in the morning.

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I just put two young musicians into a white stretch Hummer limousine with 16 (count ‘em) other young musicians. They are headed to Fresno for the big CBDA concert this weekend. They will be practicing day and night and give their performance Saturday at 8 pm at the Saroyan Center. Imagine, if you will, all that young energy crammed into that vehicle with their suitcases and their instruments. Something else.

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Joan, my reader

Joan, I think you’re the only one reading my blog. I think I had better start writing just for you. Mark tells me that you knew all about his broken bat and Tom’s mitt.
Thanks for being here.

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Long day of baseball

We started at 8 am yesterday, warming up for the first game, played the second of a double header in the valley, then travelled to Santa Monica for Juniors tryouts, playing a third game. Got home around 5. I fell asleep on the couch which highly amused my son Mark. But I made both boys sing the good night song to me last night. Which was a treat in and of itself. Because I went to sleep about ten minutes after they, did, before 9. Long day.

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broken bats, unraveling mitts

Just in time to finish up the outline to the novel, Mark broke his wood bat in the cage last night, and the webbing in Tom’s infielder’s mitt (Ozzie Smith style) has unraveled. Dave, you will be traveling to Mike’s Shoe Repair in SM, and one of any number of sporting goods stores to look for decent grain in wooden bats. Too many jobs, Mozart.

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Her birthday

My sweet wife’s birthday is today, and she has clearly not been checking the blog, so any secrets that might have been revealed have been kept secret. Happy Birthday, Liz. In fact, I can probably safely post all the presents she’s going to receive today… Hah!
Super Bowl Sunday. Who ya got? Boys are at Disneyland with Natalie, the perfect day to go to an amusement park, play golf, just about anything.

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Here’s a way to check to see if my wife is reading the blog — her birthday is this weekend. She turns… 27. We’ve been together since before she was even a gleam in her father’s eye.

Decisions to be made on playing Juniors with SMLL. It’s a great deal of baseball, 6 days a week worth including the club team in the valley. I’m sort of wondering where my writing time goes. But fear not, loyal readers, the new book moves to be written, and soon.

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Hey, a new blog post

I have been researching in between my other two jobs — renovating the house and ferrying my sons to their baseball practices in the valley, after school. For those of you in or familiar with Los Angeles, that means rush hour there, two hours of practice, and home around 8 pm. Dad can sit around and watch, or find a patch of light and continue doing research. I am close to starting the new book. You can stop holding your breath now. Or maybe I can.

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