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Mr. President, I feel your pain

I mean, give me a break, a perfect game and then you drop the next three straight?  You were tied for first place and now you’re three out?  Come on! Great catch, Joan, both of them. 

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The flip side of knowing how frustrated the President of the United States is by his baseball team, being a lifelong White Sox fan — I know, Mr. Obama wants to be just like me — is to know how … Continue reading

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New Cover

Well, as long as the new cover is on Amazon, I guess that means it’s been finalized and released, as it were.  So I will include it here. Let me know what you think.

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NOW we’re done

We snuck one last game in, a scrimmage I suppose, playing the American League 11 year olds.  We threw guys who hadn’t had a chance to pitch in the tournament, and they pitched very well, surprisingly, delightfully well.  When we … Continue reading

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Dog Daze

These are the dog days, when ain’t nobody buyin’ the book, the dull time when we’re a couple of months from the paperback version.  Here and there I read that people who got the book in early review copies are … Continue reading

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A baseball respite

We are finally knocked out of the All Star Tournament.  It was quite a run.  We needed to play better defense, in fact, our loss on Sunday was all about our defense.  It was heartbreaking, but, as parents say all over … Continue reading

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