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We got a last minute call from our friends that they were going to the Griffith Park Observatory in the late afternoon.  We had made no plans, as we had such a busy week and weren’t thinking that far ahead. … Continue reading

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Background music

I have Bach violin sonatas playing in the background, with Hayden string quartets coming up.  Life is busy.  The hockey game last night was fun.  The Blackhawks looked sleepy or sodden or something, while the Kings seemed determined and played … Continue reading

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Busy Times

We went to the Fox Searchlight party last night in Brentwood, celebrating the good year for the division (Slumdog Millionaire, Secret Life of Bees, Notorious), and, dare I say it?  We had fun.  This was, perhaps, a surprise, in that now … Continue reading

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Book Groups, the day after

I recommend talking to book groups about your book.  It is a way to remind us how intelligent and thoughtful human beings can be.  I fielded thoughtful and probing questions, and was many times forced to consider things that I … Continue reading

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Book Groups

Today I will be speaking on the phone to Alice Palmer’s book group in New Jersey (in just  few minutes, actually).  I met Alice in a book store in Torrance last fall, she bought the book and made it her … Continue reading

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Village Books and Connie Goetz

I just received this wonderful email from Connie Goetz at Village Books, and I just had to share: For those of you who love the staff reviews in the store, you may not know we have them available on our … Continue reading

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Baseball Day, preseason style

We’re off to work out with our private coach (we being optimistic… it’s for the boys, not me) in the morning, hoping the drizzle will hold off (and it looks like it will), then this afternoon, Little League Tryout make-ups.  … Continue reading

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White Sox fans together

Regular readers of this blog (I know you’re out there… wait, I think I hear someone, yes, there’s a sound out there, it’s the sound of breathing that I hear over the noise of the distantly chirping crickets) will soon be, ahem, … Continue reading

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Bookworm’s Dinner 2008 Top Picks

* Shades of Gray by Jessica James * The King’s Daughter, by Sandra Worth * Sweetsmoke by David Fuller * Miles from Nowhere, by Nami Mun * The Common Bond, by Donigan Merritt * The Glimmer Palace, by Beatrice Colin * … Continue reading

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Since it was posted late, I say look at yesterday’s post, the Powell’s essay.  I liked that one. 

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